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Display your contact details for visitors.

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What we'll cover in this support article:

What is a contact details link?

Contact details link

Easily add your contact details in a single place with the contact details link. This feature allows you to use your profile like a digital business card and your visitors will be able to easily download your contact details onto their phones or desktop.

Pro plan features

  • Add an additional website field

  • Hide the default profile URL field added

Adding a contact details link

  1. Go to your admin page.

  2. Click the Explore Links button and select Contact details.

    Add contact details link

  3. Add any contact details you'd like to show up

    Contact details

  4. Switch the toggle in the bottom left corner to enable your link

  5. All done!

πŸ”” Note: Currently, visitors on TikTok/Instagram browsers will see a message that to save to their contacts, they'll need to open your profile in the Safari browser. Every other device will be able to download your contact details to their devices address book. The in-app browsers prevent the vCard from being opened, so this is our workaround.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I click save to contacts?

When a visitor comes to your profile and opens your contact details, they have the option to Save to Contacts. We've created a vCard with your provided information that will allow you to be added as a contact on your visitors address book.

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