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Instagram authorization error
Instagram authorization error

Troubleshoot connecting your Instagram account to

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From time to time you may come across some issues connecting your Instagram account to Unfortuntely, Instagram isn't known for it's reliablity in this regard.

Initial troubleshooting

  1. Head to and make sure you can log into your account

    1. Sometimes your account needs to have it's password reset, and that can affect connecting through

  2. Head to the settings page of your profile and connect your Instagram account

💡Tip: Make sure to do this all in the same browser

Please wait a few minutes before you try again

If you see an error like this there are a few possible remedies. We believe this is caused by Instagram being too overzealous with it's security.

  1. Try authorizing on a different network then your current laptop/phone. You can do this by going from Wifi to using cellular on your phone.

  2. This error usually resolves itself after a few hours, so you can wait and try again.

The Instagram account doesn't match the account we have on record for you. Make sure you've logged into the correct account.

There are few reasons this error could happen. The first being you've tried authorizing a different account than we have on file.

If you're sure that it is the same account, then you could first try deleting the Instagram authorization on the settings page. Select the Instagram authorization to open it, then click the trash can in the bottom right corner.

Are you seeing errors different than described here? Reach out to our in-app support.

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