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Code lock on links
Code lock on links
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Make sure you're signed up for Campsite Pro.

You can lock your links in a myriad of ways, including sensitive content, age lock, and a code lock.

When you enable the code lock, your visitors will be required to enter a 4-digit code to access your link.

πŸ”” Note: Only a 4-digit numerical value can be used (ex. 1234). The code lock does not accept any other character values (letters or symbols).

Enabling a code lock on your link

  • Open the admin and add the link you'd like to lock

  • Under the link URL, select the lock icon

  • From the options, select the Code option

  • Add your 4-digit numerical code that your visitor will have to enter

  • Provide a description or explanation for the lock

That's it! The code is now active on your profile.

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