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What happens when my account is downgraded?
What happens when my account is downgraded?

Find out what happens to an account that is downgraded to free.

Updated over a week ago

Below is what happens when your account is downgraded from a paid plan to free.

Personal plan

  • If you have more than one profile, all but one will be disabled and unavailable until you upgrade again.

  • If you had a subdomain or custom domain, it will no longer work. You'll have to use the link with your username (i.e.

  • If you had a background image or pattern, it will go back to a flat color.

  • Your uploaded images are no longer available and aren't on your links anymore. If you decide to upgrade again you can get your uploaded images back.

  • Any opt-in form, group, feed or form link has been archived.

  • If you have any carousels links, all but one will be archived if any have a single banner.

  • Any other Pro features will be disabled.

Organization plan

All profiles in an organization will no longer be available after an organization is dowgraded to the free plan.

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