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Adding an Embed link

Embed content from supported platforms on your profile.

Updated over a week ago

Bring content from our supported platforms directly into your Campsite profile.

What we'll cover in this support article:

Supported Platforms

  • Youtube

  • Facebook Videos

  • Vimeo

  • Twitch Channels and Videos

  • Spotify Albums, Artists, Playlists, Tracks, Shows, and Episodes

  • Apple Music Albums, Playlists, and Tracks

  • SoundCloud Albums, Playlists, and Tracks

Adding an embed link

  1. Go to your admin page and open your profile

  2. Click the Explore Links button and select Embed

  3. Setup your embed by selecting the source. Select Finish Setup once you've entered the correct details.

  4. After setup, you can remove the background in the settings

    Embed with settings

  5. Once you're all done, make sure to enable your embed!

  6. All done!

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