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How to set up an root/apex custom domain
How to set up an root/apex custom domain

Use an existing domain with your profile

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An APEX or root domain is the main domain name for a website. It is the part of the website's address that comes before the top level domain, which is the part that comes after the dot (e.g. ".com", ".org", ".net"). You may want to use your own domain with your profile, instead of using our domain (

What is covered in this support article:

Setting up an apex domain

Once you have a custom domain purchased, follow the steps below to set it up on your profile.

  1. Go to the urls page of your profile

  2. Click the 'Setup' button next to the custom domain section.

    URL settings page
  3. Enter your root domain name and then click 'Start Setup'. Make sure you're entering the root domain, and not a subdomain (ex. not

    Custom domain dialog

  4. Once you've selected start setup, we'll start the process of creating your custom domain. In the next section, you'll have to update the name servers of your domain to finish.

Updating your name servers

The next step in the process will be to update your name servers, so can control your DNS. You can get the name servers from the Custom Domain Setup section.

Custom domain setup section
  1. Log into your domain registrar.

  2. Locate your name server settings and enter the four provided by us. Below is how it looks in Namecheap

    Name server example

  3. It can take up to 24 hours for name server changes to detected. If it has been longer than that and you haven't received an email from us about successful setup, please contact us.

  4. Once we detect that you've changed your name servers, we'll complete the setup on our end and send you an email letting you know your custom domain is ready.

Helpful Support Articles for changing name servers

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