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How links work on
How links work on

Get a detailed breakdown of the parts of a link in the admin

Updated over a week ago

Let's take a quick look at how a link works on

A link
  1. Select and drag here to move your link to a new position.

  2. The top of the link will have fields you can edit. In this example, the first field is the label of your link and the second is the URL.

  3. Most links support adding an image, here is where you would select one.

  4. The toggle is to show or hide your link from your profile

  5. This icon indicates what type of link it is (ex. opt-in form, image grid, feed, etc)

  6. The bottom of a link contain a number of different actions, like click stats, scheduling, pinning, and others.

Next, we'll take a look at another link type to see what changes. This is a contact details link.

A contact details link
  1. You can see that the icon of the link has changed to indicate that this is a contact details link.

  2. Selecting the contact details icon allows you to edit the settings of this link type.

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