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Link UI updates

We go into detail on what has changed about our link design recently

Updated over a week ago

We're always looking at ways to improve the user experience of our tool. We've made some recent changes to the link UI to help streamline the editing process of a profile.

Here is our new link design:

For our regular old link, not a lot has changed. You'll notice an icon (1) next to the visibility toggle. You can quickly tell what type a link is.

Next, we'll take a look at a contact details link:

You'll notice that the icon (1) has changed next to the visibility toggle. This is a contact details link. It's also where you'll access the settings (2) for any link that would have them (opt-in form, image grid, feed, embed, etc.). We did this to streamline the link design and to make it faster to identify what type a link is.

Old link design

Here is what a link used to look like:

Then here is an old contact details link with some settings:

As always, send us any feedback or feature requests using the in-app chat or by sending an email to

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