Bulk link editing
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Make sure you're signed up for Campsite Pro to use the bulk link feature.

Our bulk editing feature is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly manage multiple links at once. Using our bulk editing feature, you can delete, archive, or create a group link from the selected links, all in one go. This saves you time and helps you stay organized.

Using the Bulk Editing Feature

To access the feature, you need to be in the Links section of your profile. Once there, select the bulk link editor icon to engage bulk editing mode.

Using the checkboxes on each link, select which ones you'd like to manage. Once you've selected the desired links, you can archive or delete them.

Creating a group from current links

A quick way to create a new group link using some existing links is with the bulk edit tool. Just check the links you'd like to add, and then select Create new link group.

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