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Make sure you're signed up for Campsite Pro to use profile collaborators.

What we'll cover in this support article:

What is a collaborator?

Collaborators are users you invite to help manage your Campsite profiles. Each collaborator is invited to a specific profile that they'll have access to and counts towards your subscription seats. You can set individual permissions to make sure they only have access to what you'd like.

How does a collaborator subscription seat work?

Before adding any collaborators to your profiles, you'll first have to add seats to your subscription. You can buy up to five collaborator seats on our Pro plan, which would allow you to add five different collaborators to your profile.

  1. On the Change Plan page, select to modify your subscription

  2. Enter the number of collaborators you'd like to add

  3. Select Modify Subscription to accept the changes

Defining the permissions a collaborator has

Each collaborator has specific permissions that you set for them.

  • Can manage links: Has access to edit your links, including archiving, and media.

  • Can view analytics: Has access to your analytics.

  • Can manage appearance: Has access to your theme and its various settings.

  • Can manage settings: Has access to your integrations, including embedding a profile.

  • Can manage URLs and domain: Has access to your profile URLs, including the ability to set up a custom domain or change metadata.

Adding a profile collaborator

Make sure you have enough seats in your subscription to be able to add a profile collaborator first. You can adjust your seats on the Change Plan page.

  1. Open your profile.

  2. Select the Collaborators option in the navigation

  3. Scroll down to the Invites section. Select the Invite User button

  4. Fill in the email of the user you'd like to invite. Then select the permissions you'd like them to have. When you're done, select Invite.

  5. All set! An email will be sent out to the user and they will have to accept before becoming a collaborator. If they don't have an account on, they'll have to create one. Invitations expire in 24 hours.

Removing a profile collaborator

  1. Navigate to the collaborator's page on your profile

  2. Select the three dots next to the collaborator. Then select "Revoke Access"

  3. After a collaborator is removed, they'll no longer have access to your profile. This action doesn't remove a seat from your subscription.

Accessing profiles, you're a collaborator on

  1. Select the Switch Profiles option in the navigation

  2. A profile you're a collaborator on will be marked with Collaborator

  3. Select the login button to access the profile and start editing


Can I add the same collaborator to multiple profiles and only pay for one seat?

The same user can be added to different profiles, but each profile they're added to counts as a seat on your subscription.

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