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How do I archive a link?
How do I archive a link?

Learn more about archived links.

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Archiving your links can be a space saver and lifesaver, especially if you have plans to use the link again in the future, but don't want them taking up space on your links page.

Where are my archived links?

  1. Open your profile.

  2. In the top menu, select the three dots at the end.

  3. Select the Links Archive option.

How do I archive a link?

To find your archived links once logged into your profile, click the three dots in your link bar, and there you will find Archived Links.

  1. Open your profile and select the Links tab.

  2. Select the trash can on your link and select Archive.

  3. Your link has now been archived.

How do I unarchive a link?

  1. Open your profile and head to the links archive page.

  2. Find your link and select the restore button.

  3. Your link will now be on your links page.

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