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Managing member access to your profiles
Managing member access to your profiles

Learn more about how to set member access to a profile

Updated over a week ago

With an organization plan, you can easily manage your members access to your profiles.

💡Tip: Only organization owners can manage member access.

A users access to a profile is determined by the highest permissions available to them. For example, if the base permissions are set to write, and the member also has direct admin access, they will have admin access to the profile.

We give a few different ways to give a member access to a profile as shown below.

Setting base permissions

In your organizations settings, there is a Member Privileges section where you can change the default role a member will have on your organizations profiles. Learn more about that here.

Setting direct access / adding a collaborator

In addition to the base permission, you can also give a member direct access to a profile.

  1. When editing a profile, select the Collaborators tab.

  2. Select the Add people button.

  3. Select a member from the dropdown.

  4. Select the role you'd like them to have.

  5. Click Add.

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