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Managing organization settings
Managing organization settings

Learn more about organizational settings and how to control member access

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Organization owners can change several settings, including the ability to delete the organization and all of its profiles.

Settings default profile access

You can manage the default access that members have to your profiles using member privilege settings.

There are a few different base levels of permissions an owner can set on an organization.

No permissions: Members will only have no access to profiles. To give a member additional access, you'll have to make them collaborators on individual profiles.

Write: Members will be able to manage links, themes, settings for all profiles.

Admin: Members will be able to manage links, themes, settings and delete all profiles.

Restricting profile creation

If you don't want your organization members to be able to create their own profiles, you can update your organization on the settings page.

  1. Open your organization settings

  2. Scroll down the Member Privileges section

  3. Select No for profile creation

  4. Select the Save button to save your changes

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