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Roles in an organization
Roles in an organization

Organization owners can assign roles to individuals giving them different sets of permissions in the organization.

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About Roles

To perform any action to an organization's profiles, a person must have sufficient access to the relevent resource. This access is controlled by permissions. A role is a set of permissions you can assign to individuals.

About Organization Roles

You can assign people three different organization-level roles to control your members access to your organization and its profiles.

Organization Owners

Organization owners have complete administrative access to your organization. This role should be limited, but no less than two people, in your organization.

Organization Members

The default, non-adminsitrative role for people in an organization is the organization member. By default, organization members have a number of permissions, including the ability to create profiles.

Organization Outside Collaborators

Outside collaborators don't have access to the members or details of your organization. They can only access profiles they have been added as collaborators on.

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