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What is an organization?
What is an organization?

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Organizations are shared accounts where businesses can manage multiple profiles at once, with easy member management and sophisticated administrative features.

About Organizations

Your team can work together to manage the many profiles by using an organization account. It serves as a container for your shared work and gives the work a unique name and brand.

Each person that joins has their own personal account, and multiple personal accounts can join together by joining the same organization. A subset of these personal accounts can be given the role of organization owner, which allows those people to granularly manage access to the organization's profiles using the administrative features.

You can invite people to your organization, and then assign these embers a few different roles that grant different levels of access to the organization. For more information, see Roles in an organization.

In addition to managing access to the organization itself, you can seperately manage access to your organization's profiles.

You can configure the organization to meet the unique needs of your group by managing settings, such as restricting profile creation. For more information, see Managing organization settings.

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