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Universal links

Publish sets of links across your organizations profiles from a single source.

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If you're managing a lot of profiles for your organization, you may run into a scenario were you would like the same links to be published to each of them. With universal links, this is now possible.

Universal links saves you time by reducing repetive work were you would have to update multiple profiles individually with the same links.

Current universal link limitations:

  • Not all link types are available for use.

  • Each link set has to publish to a unique set of profiles. There cannot be two link sets that publish to the same profile (with the exception of the one link set that can publish to all profiles).

Creating a new link set

Each link set can publish to a unique subset of your organization profiles. Only one of your link sets can publish to all of your profiles.

  1. Select your account in the bottom right corner, then click Organizations.

  2. Click the name of your organization.

  3. Under your organization, select Links.

  4. Select Add link set to add a new universal link set.

  5. Fill in the details. You'll either select to publish to all profiles, or a subset of them.

  6. Select Create to finish creating your link set.

Publishing your link set

Once you've created your link set and added some links, you'll be able to publish them to your selected profile. Just select the Publish button.

When you profiles are up-to-date with your latest changes, your link set will look like this:

Deleting your link set

  1. Open your link set.

  2. Select the trash can icon in the top right corner.

  3. Select Delete.


Where are the links published on my selected profiles?

Where your universal links are published will depend on whether your link set is pinned or not. For a pinned link set, they will always be located at the top of your profile, above any other links. For an unpinned link set, links will first be published to the top of your profile, but you can move them into a different position, just like any other link. Publishing an unpinned link set again will not move already existing links on your profiles. They will remain in the same spot you've moved them to.

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